Pyblish By Example

Report II

In addition to visualising which plug-in processed which instance, it would also be helpful to visualise error messages (if any). So that's what we'll do in this example.
Success Plug-in -> Instance
1 CollectCaptainAmerica -> None
0 ValidateCaptainAmerica -> Captain America
+-- EXCEPTION: Captain America must be a hero
Building from our previous example, this is how to format it in order to end up with the above.
header = "{:<10}{:<40} -> {}".format("Success", "Plug-in", "Instance")
result = "{success:<10}{plugin.__name__:<40} -> {instance}"
error = "{:<10}+-- EXCEPTION: {:<70}"
results = list()
for r in["results"]:
if r["error"]:
results.append(error.format("", r["error"]))
report = """
line="-" * 70))
Now all error messages are neatly printed in a tree-like fashion underneath each relevant result.
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