Pyblish By Example

Branching I

Now that you know how to arrange plug-ins, let's have a look at how to manage the control flow of publishing.
import pyblish.api
class MyPlugin(pyblish.api.ContextPlugin):
hosts = ["maya"]
def process(self, context):
from maya import cmds
cmds.headsUpMessage("Hello from Pyblish")
import pyblish.util
# Hello from Pyblish
hosts is a requirement attribute and limits plug-ins to a particular scenario.
In this case, the plug-in will only run when publishing from within Autodesk Maya. These are some examples of available values for the hosts attribute.
  • python
  • maya
  • houdini
  • nuke
  • modo
  • unknown
You can register your own host, if for example you would like to extend Pyblish for use in additional software, by using register_host().
import pyblish.api